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Is there anything to ease the soreness after working out?

Autor: koszka3 | Kategorie:
Tagi: health, pain
11. kwietnia 2009 00:25:00

I ran on the treadmill today because I want to get used to running a lot (I want to play field hockey in the summer). But now I'm really sore. Is there anything I could do to ease that pain? I can barely walk :/

My left-mid side of my back hurts

Autor: koszka3 | Kategorie:
Tagi: back, hurts, left, mid, pain, side
10. kwietnia 2009 01:10:00


After playing baseball, my left-mid side of my back started to hurt crazy when i moved around. The muscles seems to hurts, not the spine i think. How long is this going to last, is there anything to do to make it better?

What is the best way to help ease the pain of bruised ribs or chest?

Autor: koszka3 | Kategorie:
Tagi: blog, chest, health, medicine, pain
06. kwietnia 2009 01:15:00
my step daughter and i were in a go cart accident. she had xrays and all is well, however she is having a difficult time breathing. i want to help ease her pain. can someone help with suggestions?



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